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What is Feng Shui ?

This concept that seems really complicated is actually a very simple and useful way to decorate your flat. If you believe or not in the stories of energies that must flow, you have to admit something really simple : when you are at home do you usually close the door or the bathroom when you are not inside or you leave it open ? => you close it! This is Feng Shui. The best of Feng Shui is that most of the concept is logical and simple to adapt in our “normal” life.What is Feng Shui ? It is not only the Japanese home style as we could imagine. This art can be applied to every single style of interior design. This is not a matter of choice of furniture or atmosphere you wanna live in, it is a matter of how you put everything together. =>These following weeks I will publish little by little my 12 most important rules for a perfect Feng Shui house. Questo concetto sembra molto complicato a prima vista, ma alla …

My Scandinavian Living Room Inspiration

Hello, guys, I know I’m not a good blogger this last period, but I am really busy, and I have not a lot of time. But today I wanted to share that Scandinavian living room inspiration with you . Don’t you wanna stay in that sofa for a long day just doing nothing and reading a good book? I would do so! Ciao tutti, so che questi ultimi tempi non sono un bravo blogger, pero sono veramente occupato, non ho tanto tempo. Ma oggi volevo condividere con voi questo salotto Scandinavo. Non vi fa venire la voglia di “farniente” per tutta la giornata leggendo un libro in questo divano ? Io lo farei.! Picture from Maisons du Monde

In love with Bertoia Chairs

1 This post is directly inspired by my article from this last week : The Black Apartment. In the kitchen of the apartment there are 2 Warren Platner chairs that I loved, that were the object of a special note. That made me think about the famous Bertoia Diamond Chairs and Side Chairs, and the way it is actually easy to use them. These famous chairs are real design items, and they can be used for different styles and situation and create different atmosphere : modern style, art deco, customized, classic, baroque, children rooms, colored, Scandinavian, bohème, romantic, industry, cosy… Here some examples of one of the most famous design chairs in different styles interiors. What’s your favorite one? => more pictures on my pinterest album     Per questo post sono stato ispirato direttamente del mio articolo della settimana scorsa : The Black Apartment. Nella cucina c’erano due sedie di Warren Platner per le quali avevo anche scritto una nota speciale. Questo mi ha fatto pensare alle famose sedie Diamond e side chair di Bertoia, e della loro …