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Art is in the air


Amesterdam – Photo by janus vandeneijnden

“The spaces I want to be in are nurturing and soft and saturated with color […] our cities don’t have enough of that, and as humans we need it.” says Janet Echelman.
Like a spider web, like a jelly fish in the middle of the skyscrapers and the parks of the cities all aroun the world, the colorful and elegant creations of Echelman are elevated souls floating in the air like if the time had stopped for a while. During the day, you can observe the perfect sculpture that defies gravity like a suspended vortex upon the sky. 
Made of laces and knots, the forms are meticulously created and designed by the artist, and hand positionned in the middle of our cities. 
The result is unbelievable, and sounds like an endless firework that offers the same emotions.

All her creations are visible on her website.

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