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In the underground of Paris


Did you know that the underground of Paris is one of the most important in the world? Which also means a lot of people everywhere and everytime. Usually we never consider the underground as a nice place to spend a good time. Crowded and dirty, the underground goes with stress lifes and working lifes. 
In this case, the concept is very unique and innovative: create a nice public space in the 16 “ghosts stations” of Paris. This project from Oxo Architects is an incredible interior rebuilding plan for these abandonned spaces, ordered by the unlucky candidate for the Municipal Election, Nathalie Kosciusko – Morizet.
This incredible ideas would allow someone to swim over the old tracks, to watch a movie in the old arches or to eat dinner surrounded by modern decor, tiles and bricks.
Unfortunately this ideas did not get enough attention and the project seems to be at a standstill. As we say… You can always dream!



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