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My Christmas present of the day

Flair d’Hermès, Rêverie Collection is the new creation of the famous French Luxury company. I know, luxury is not cheap, but it is free for the eyes. I really wanted to write about it, because yesterday I had the opportunity to smell these candles to one of my customer’s house and it was amazing. Perfume : 5 different fragrances that reminds you specific moment of your life – created by Celine Ellena => À Cheval : leather, a summer day in a farm => Fenêtre Ouverte : like a fresh summer night => Temps de Pluie : like a summer rainy day => Champ Libre : the lighter, the most delicate => Des Pas sur la Neige : like a winter evening Design : this design is really simple, and well done – created by Guillaume Bardet. => every single candles has been casted from a paper mould, so that we can see the imperfections => the Origami Horse is amazing (I want one too!!) On sale since the 1st of december with prices from …

My Calligaris story….

Italy can really be considered as the most unique Design industry ever. No one is able to create these kind of curves mixed with these fresh lines. What I like in the Made in Italy Design, is the fact that everything is perfect, precise and every detail has not been created at random. Calligaris is an example of quality and inventiveness that really must be considered by every single designer. We all know that no one is perfect, so as our home, but sometimes it is really relaxing to dream… L’Italia può veramente essere considerata unica nell’industria del Design. Nessuno sa creare questa tipologia di curve insieme a queste linee fresche e pulite. Quello che mi piace di più nell’Made In Italy, è proprio il fatto che tutto è perfetto, preciso e ogni dettaglio non è stato creato per caso. Calligaris è un esempio di qualità e inventività che è proprio da considerare per ogni designer. Sappiamo tutti che nessuno è perfetto, ancora meno le nostre case, ma ogni tanto fa molto rilassare sognare un po…. …

My “Made in Italy” Story

The “Made In Italy” is always the best mix of fresh and colored lines, soft furniture and precious materials… This place is created by Maxalto.Il “Made in Italy” è sempre il migliore mix tra linee colorate e fresche, mobili semplici e materiali pregiati… Questa casa è una creazione di Maxalto. This sofa is huge! I really like the colors and the lines that makes it warmer! Questo divano è fantastico, mi piacciono il colore e le linee che lo rendono accogliente! Source :